The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Friday, December 2, 2011

I never thought it would come

So, I was walking around BYU's campus the other day and it really hit me--this is my last semester of classes. I won't be walking to classes every day. I won't have to fight for a parking spot. I actually get to begin teaching; something I've been working so hard to get for the last 4 years.

I have been attending school for the last 17 years and I will no longer be a student in just 5 short months. As I was pondering this I thought back on my school experience (elementary school through college) and had so many sweet memories of teachers, friends, graduations, and so much more. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so grateful for school. It's helped me become the person that I am today and helped me reach my goals of becoming a teacher. I know school is tough and hard and I've mumbled about it many many times, but I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I've had. I entered this school to learn, and BYU has helped me have the tools I need to go forth to serve. I'm excited to finally say this: I'M A COLLEGE GRADUATE!


Just a quick post about our Thanksgiving--yes, we forgot our camera...again haha! We spent it with my family and then the next day went down to St. George to be with Grant's family for a few days while Carly went through the temple. Yes, this is a short post. But I'm a busy girl.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1 Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 year to us! This past year has been a wonderful and full of a lot of love, laughter, and joy. I will say, the first year is definitely an adjustment, but Grant and I have loved getting to know each other better and look forward to growing closer together throughout eternity.
Celebration Time!
We went up to Park City on Friday night to Saturday afternoon, and it was great! It was nice to be able to sit in our hotel room and relax a bit. We were able to watch Hurricane High School win the Utah 3A State Title, a couple other football games, some movies, and we also went around downtown Park City for a bit and ate at a restaurant called the Blue Iguana. It was hands down the best Mexican food Grant or I had ever had. Ever. Best guacamole, best pulled pork, best burritos, it was amazing. We also went into a couple Christmas shops (Grant humored me) and we got a Christmas ornament. It's a tradition to get an ornament on our honeymoon/anniversary for our tree. When we got back to Provo we decorated for Christmas (again, Grant humored me) and then he surprised me with tickets to go see The Help (which made me laugh and cry--so good!) and then we went out to frozen yogurt afterwards. He got me a beautiful pearl ring, some earrings I have been eyeing, and some see's candy chocolate and roses. I got him some long john's and a Philadelphia Eagle's hoodie. Over-all it was a great anniversary. I am so grateful to be married to Grant. He makes me a better person, and I learn so much from him.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Update!

Hello Everyone!
We're doing good, I just wanted to give a quick update on how we're doing.

Grant's doing really well! He is taking 17 credits this semester and working 20 hours a week for the BYU gym facilities. That job has been really good for him because it's pretty low key so it allows him to do homework while working, which is really nice. This is his first semester in the business program and it's been keeping him plenty busy, but he's doing really well in all of his classes and working super hard. He's also on a flag football intermueral team! Not that I'm biased or anything, but he really is the best player on their team. He's very fast and incredibly good at defense. He's also serving as the Sunday School President right now which he enjoys and he's doing a marvelous job :)

I'm doing good! I'm only in 13 credits this semester and working around 25 hours a week at my customer support job I had this summer (but never fear, I'm quitting Dec 8th!). I won't lie, it's been a good job, but I'm ready to quit. But just like Grant, I have a pretty low key job that allows me to do homework, so it's been a really good deal. I won't be working during student teaching, so I figured the best time to quit would be before the holidays :) This is my last semester of classes, so all my classes are pretty time consuming, but I've really enjoyed all of them. I'm also serving as the Relief Society President and working in the temple. I won't lie, both keep me busy but we have such a wonderful ward who all work together, so they make my job really easy. Grant and I really do have a great ward and enjoy getting to know others in our ward. It's been fun to goof around with Grant in Ward Council and I'm grateful for the opportunities Grant and I have.

Ok, that's it for now. I'll try and be more diligent about blogging :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Wedding Day!

So, I'm a little embarrassed about this, but my philosophy is better late than never, right? OK, so let me just set up my story. When Grant and I were engaged we had SO MUCH GOING ON! First of all, we were apart for about the first 6 weeks because it was the end of summer. My grandma had just passed away, my other brother was getting married, and an intense semester of school was starting. So, all the wedding plans just went wonderfully, but I didn't have the alterations done on my dress until about a month before and I couldn't get the dress from CO to UT in order to take bridals before hand. Also, Grant is a traditionalist so he didn't want to see me in my wedding dress before the wedding day. The wedding day we didn't want to take pictures because we wanted to rest (it's our own dang fault, I know). So, we were planning on taking pictures between the reception and open house, but when we got back from our honeymoon we jumped right back in to school and finals. Then, we couldn't do it over Christmas break because we were traveling, and then a new semester started and life went super fast and now it has 8.5 months of marriage and I still haven't taken bridals. Also, I wanted more pictures of just Grant and I from our wedding, but we really didn't have time. So, today is the day. After 8.5 months of marriage, we are taking wedding pictures today :) Thanks to Emily and Stephen they are going to take pictures of us, and thanks to my wonderful husband for being a good sport and letting me a wifezilla about this :) Anywho, I'll post pictures when we are done! You may think I'm ridiculous and you may be thinking "ok, you got married over 8 months ago, get over your wedding day." And to you I say--we had good excuses and this is for posterity sake. So sue me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Summer!

So, this Summer has been good and gone by way too fast! Grant went to school during Spring term and did beautifully! He's currently in the business school right now, and he'll be taking the core classes this Fall. He's also doing a double major in economics and has been reading a lot of economics books this summer...for fun :) He has quite the passion for supply and demand! Spring term ended near the end of June, so both him and I have just been working since then. I'm still working at my customer support job, and he's washing windows with a friend and working at the Richards Building on campus, so we're keeping ourselves pretty busy.
As far as vacations go we've been able to travel quite a bit! Over 4th of July weekend we went down to LA to see my best friend get married--Julie Bell. She married Jared Tate in the LA Temple and it was a beautiful wedding. I didn't know how big the LA temple is! The grounds are huge, and the temple itself is enormous. It was great to see Jared and Julie finally together and experience married life.
After that, we went down to Lake Powell for a week with Grant's side of the family and it was a blast! We went wakeboarding, tubing, rode on the wave-runners, played games and ate food, and spent time with family that we don't get to see very often (we're the only ones in Grant's side of the family not living in St. George), so it was great to catch up with everyone. And, don't ask for pictures because we forgot our camera--the one thing we forgot! Oh well.
The next trip we're going on is to Colorado to see my family! Mom and I are going to the Josh Groban concert, and our family is also going to do the temple work for my Grandma Gay who passed away last summer.
As far as newest news goes: I am working in the temple :) I wanted to start working there because I feel like I have so much to learn about the temple, so I decided the best way to do that is the work there. I'm able to be there one day out of the week and feel the peace and comfort that can come from being in the temple.
Well, I think that's it for now!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

6 Month Anniversary!

OK, so you only get one 6 month anniversary. How many people celebrate their 2.5 years of marriage? So, Grant and I decided to make the most out of it :) First of all, I have a story to tell of when I was getting Grant's present (which was inception).
So on Thursday night I go to Target to buy the movie and I was on my way back from dropping something off from Brent and Carlissa's. It was about 9:30 at night (Grant was working), so I park the car, go in, get my movie with a card and some gum, check out, and head back out to my car. So, as I'm walking out of the store I see this little Asain guy and he's holding a box (it looks like a present or something) and this lady had her car pulled up along the curb right by the entrance. It was kind of raining, and he's trying to get her to roll down her window. I look at what's going on and automatically think of all those creepers that you hear about in email stories that are passed along, and I start booking it for my car (kind of out of superstition, fear, and instinct). HE STARTS RUNNING AFTER ME! I have a little Asain man with a "present" running after me! I get to my car door, open it, lock it, shut the door, and start to back out as soon as he gets there and is trying to talk to me and get me to roll down my window. Needless to say, I peeled out of the parking lot (literally) and got outta there! What on earth? I had no idea what he was doing but it seemed to be really CREEPY! Next time I go to a store alone at night I am DEFINITELY getting an escort to walk me out! So watch out--there are freaks even in Provo/Orem. The funny part of this story is when I told Grant about it he obviously made sure I was ok and held me and comforted me. As we were going to bed, he started laughing and said "I wonder how many people I chased down and scared on my mission." I looked at him and said "ya, but in a Target parking lot at 9:30 at night?" He replies "Ummm...maybe not at 9:30, but my companion and I would see someone and say 'HEY! We need to go teach them the gospel!'" haha this Asain did not look like a missionary, but it was a pretty funny comparison.
Anywho, our actual anniversary :) Grant got me a beautiful watch that I love and I got him the movie Inception. Can I say my husband is a little weasel? hahaha in a good way--I asked him earlier in the day what he wanted to do, and he just said "oh, I don't care, we'll just figure it out when you get home from work." I thought ok easy enough. He's a weasel. I get home and he asks how 5:30 sounds for Macaroni Grill and then we went to go see The King's Speech (PG-13 edition just came out!), and then we went and got frozen yogurt. He had it planned the whole time :) He really is such a thoughtful husband and it's been so fun being married to him.
I've just been called to be the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency in our married student ward. I must say, I'm a little nervous because I don't know very many girls and there are a lot more types of women in a married student ward than there is in a singles ward (meaning you have newly weds, mothers, graduates, undergraduates, etc.) I'm also very excited and it will be a great growing opportunity :) As long as I'm always trying to do what the Lord needs me to do, it will all be good.
Well folks, that's it for now!
P.S. Supposedly today is the end of the world. least Grant and I went to the temple :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Zero Excuses

That's right, I no longer have excuses about why I haven't been blogging very much. School+work was excuse enough for me, but with a crazy semester behind me and my afternoons to do pretty much whatever I want, I promise this summer I'll be better about keeping everyone updated on a day in the life of being a Vanderhorst :) So, because I'm an organizer and have much to catch up on, please refer to the subcategories below.
So, what to say about my husband--he's a hard working man! We both had a really hard semester, and neither of us thought we would end up getting very good grades at the end. Well, Grant (and me I guess hahaha) can attest that HARD WORK PAYS OFF! We both worked so hard this semester and it didn't seem to be showing in our grades, but Grant ended up dominating his classes, and I did better than I thought I would. Let me just say, prayers are answered. The Lord will help those who do their part and will put in the work. Also, Grant and I really worked on having a positive attitude in the midst of everything, and that really did make a difference. We tried being grateful for small things, and remembering the blessings that we've received. I can't say we were perfect at it (I mean, who really is positive and grateful during the whole time period of a trial) but we definitely tried to be aware of it and it made a difference. It was a very uplifting experience to work through that trial together.
Anyways, Grant got accepted into the business school at BYU and is currently taking classes for Spring term--he's enjoying his classes (but I know he'll be happy for a break during Summer term) and he is also working at the RB (gym/workout building) which he said is pretty laid back, so he has a lot of free time to work on homework. Grant is also working with one of his friends doing a window washing business, so he's keeping himself busy, but is enjoying it.
Yes, it's true, I found a job after sending my resume to 87 different postings on Craigslist/KSL! I did get a few job offers, but none of them seemed like the right job. It was either starting during the last couple weeks of the semester (and I would have died) or the hours were ridiculous, or for one reason or another it just didn't feel right. Well, again, ask for and live worthy of Heavenly Father's help, and He will help us! My job at ENR has been such a wonderful blessing, and it's not a dream job, but a job none-the-less. I work as a customer service representative and ENR is the provider for dietary and nutritional supplements as well as cosmo products. I answer phones, do live chat, and answer emails. Most of the time it's pretty good, but it's definitely a test of my patience when you have a customer yelling/cussing at you over the phone. Nevertheless, it is a good exercise for patience, sympathy, and empathy. I do love the people I'm working with. They are all very patient and understanding with me, and all are very willing to help. We have a lot of fun, and I'm glad that the work environment is so positive and encouraging.
Right now I'm serving as a Visiting Teacher and Relief Society pianist. However, I just asked my Bishop if I could start working at the temple, and he said that would be great! I guess the temple is always asking Bishops for new workers, so that would be an amazing experience.
What do I do for fun? Well! Grant and I got some year long passes to Trafalgas and to Seven Peaks, and so did our friends the Christoffersons, so we are going to be going to Trafalgas and Seven Peaks a lot this summer. Also, Marnae (Sister Christofferson) and I got all summer passes to do fitness classes at BYU (yoga, water body blast, RIPPED, Zumba, etc.). So, this is going to be a great summer!

Well folks, sorry for the long update, but I had a lot to say. This life probably won't change very much over the next 4 months, so my next goal is to be better about taking pictures :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


So, my brain was fried from the past few days, so I decided to go shopping with some of the birthday money I got from my parental units, parental in-laws, and Brent and Carlissa (big thanks to all!) So, I finally found a white cartigan! I've been looking for literally months and I finally found one that I love! I also found some cute tank tops at Platos Closet to go under said white cartigan--way cute! I'm totally set for summer! See pics below :)
Yes, this is a cute yellow tank with my white cartigan...even though this looks like a maternity top it's not--I swear!

21st Birthday!

I had the most wonderful birthday in the world! I woke up to the smell of hashbrowns, eggs, and waffles! Grant is full of surprises! My birthday also happened to be the last day of classes, so that was a cherry on top. So, we went to classes, and then we went to Tucanos for dinner (unbeknownst to me, Grant signed up for a free birthday dinner). He had never been to Tucanos, and I've been once before, so it was new and fun...and filling! I swear we felt like there are 7 bricks in our stomaches, but it was so worth it. The meat was so tender and unique, and of course the salad bar was full of fresh fruit, veggies, and wonderful salad--it was so great. Afterwards, we had some friends over for games and brownies and icecream and fruit pizza. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the end of the day! OH, Grant also bought me the movie Tangled, which I love! I want to get the soundtrack at some point :) Over all it was a great day, and my husband was a champ! I love that boy :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So, I've been thinking a lot about friendship and how wonderful it is :) Thinking about it has made me grateful for all the friends I have--single friends, married friends, family friends (aka friends in the family), my best friend (Grant), church friends, math ed friends, you name it. Friends are all around! I'm grateful because it seems like no matter what, they never get old. I always feel like I can catch up with any of my friends and we can talk like we had never been apart. All these different friends have influenced me for various reasons. My single friends (some soon to be married!) have given me a lot of good memories and are still there for me no matter what! I love them very much! My married friends are good examples to me of how I can be a better wife, and how to live a well balanced life. Family friends are awesome! I learn from all of their knowledge and experience and they have always been there for me to talk to. Church friends give me spiritual support and help me be a better person, and math ed friends always give me a shoulder to cry on. No matter who it is, friends are all around and I'm grateful for them :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day :)

A day of love :) How wonderful! This is mine and Grant's first Valentines Day together...kind of. Last year we were kind of starting to date, but he still gave me flowers last year (he's super thoughtful!) This year, I told Grant that I wasn't expecting anything and to not feel like he needs to do anything for me. Well, he didn't really follow that at all hahaha. The first thing he did was write me a love note and left it in my laptop, which really meant a lot to me. Next, when we came home from campus he banned me from the kitchen--usually he at least lets me cook with him, but this time he wouldn't have any of that. Just as a side note, when I walked in I saw a vase full of red roses--what a sweetheart! Anyways, he wouldn't even let me see what he was cooking! So, I relaxed while he cooked up the most amazing dinner (Chicken Cordon Bleu thing with seasoned potatoes and toast and alredo noodle was SO good!) Not only did he make enough for that night, but for the whole week! He also bought some milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, along with bananas and strawberries so we could dip them in chocolate for dessert--what a genius! It  was fun to have a night of relaxing in the midst of school and work and everything else. I got him a card as well as some fudge and peanut buttery goodness from the BYU bookstore that he had to try--it really is amazing. Needless to say it was a great Valentines day, and my husband is the best husband in the world. He really is so thoughtful and works so hard. I'm grateful to have him :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The past couple of weeks in our ward have been awesome! I don't think Grant or I realized how hard it is to get to know people and make friends in a married ward. You don't have group FHE, ward prayer, and quite frankly, in a married student ward, everyone just wants to build their marriage and family, which is good, but finding friends takes a while.
However, these past couple weeks have been great! Grant and I have been more outgoing and had our first couples date a few weeks ago. It's also been kind of hard to get involved because we didn't have callings yet, but visiting teaching and home teaching have helped. Today, I was also called to be the RS pianist. I'm grateful for the chance to have this calling again because I haven't been playing the piano as much as I would like to. It'll be a good chance for me to develop that talent again.
Also, Grant and I are giving talks next week--WOO! I know people joke around a lot about giving talks in church, but I actually like it hahaha and I think Grant does too. It'll give us a chance to introduce ourselves and help us get to know more people. It's taken a while, but we're making friends, we're getting involved in the ward, and we're loving every minute of it :) Wards really are something special, and I'm grateful we have the chance to meet and worship together every week.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tribute to Grandparents

I've been thinking a lot about my grandparents lately so I decided to write a little tribute to each of them.

Grandma Gay
I love Grandma Gay very much, and there are still some times when I miss her a lot. I think the hardest thing was her not being there at my wedding day--I missed seeing her run around with her camera, catching all the little moments that I probably missed. Although she isn't my biological grandmother, I definitely consider her a blood relative. Last summer, I considered going back to BYU to take a few summer classes, but I felt like I needed to be with my family. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, but I'm grateful I got that prompting, because a few days later, my niece Ella was born 6 weeks premature, and a couple days later Grandma Gay was put in the hospital. With all the craziness going on in our family last summer, I'm grateful I decided to stay. I was in the room with Grandma when she passed away and all I could think about was how different Christmas Eve's would be, and especially who would take pictures at every family event! Although I knew how much I would miss her, I was also comforted by the Plan of Salvation. I know that I'll see Grandma again, and even though I still miss her, I'm excited for this summer when we can do her temple work. She was the most compassionate person and I learned a lot of lessons from her. She truly lived the golden rule.

                                                    Mom, Aunt Stacy, Me, and Grandma Gay

Grandpa Woodhouse
I love Grandpa Woodhouse! I feel like I can talk to him about anything--I think I kept him the most updated on my current boyfriends, classes, funny blonde moments, etc. I love Grandpa Woodhouse's smile and his laugh, and I love his sense of fashion (see picture above--check out his awesome vest!)
Grandpa is the type of person that will give anything he has for anyone. He is so generous with what he has, and I'm so proud to call him my Grandpa. He helped my brothers pay for their missions, he's helped me with college and my marriage, and is always helping families in need with generous donations. I've learned from him that it's important to give to other people and try to understand other people. I've learned how to be compassionate from him.

Grandma Larsen
I love Grandma Larsen! Her and I have a lot in common--we're both head strong, we both like having things clean, and we both have a love of music. I remember when I was a little girl that I loved playing on Grandma's organ and using her little music stand down in the house in Joseph. Grandma has been a huge inspiration in my life as far as music, and especially now that I'm married, I can look back and see how she has supported Grandpa Larsen. I hope that I can be half the wife and mother that she has been. Grandma has always had a good sense of humor, and I've definitely learned that being confident is something that's needed in every strong woman.

Grandpa Larsen
I don't even know where to start with Grandpa Larsen. I don't think he realizes how much of a wonderful influence he has been on my life. I few favorite memories I have of him is whenever he used to do "plow" on my back--it felt so good but tickled so bad at the same time! He also used to call me Belle because I loved Beauty and the Beast so much. I remember Grandpa as being one who loved the Lord, and one who loved his family very much. Grandpa has had many wonderful experiences as he's served in the church. I didn't hear about a few of them until last year when I went to lunch with him at the Brick Oven. He is a man of great faith, and I'm proud to call him my Grandpa. I love him very much

I'm grateful for my heritage, and for all the lessons that these four wonderful people have taught me. Whether they know it or not, they each have made a wonderful impact on my life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Global Warming?! Really?! Al Gore was WRONG!

What the heck is going on here?!?! I walk outside and want to cry, but I can't because if I do my tears will turn into instant ice! Walking up from where Grant and I parked to the Talmage (ya know, about 7 minutes), and my nose hairs were frozen...I didn't even know I had nose hairs till today! My hands were cold (despite the gloves), my legs were cold (despite the hairy-ness), my upper body was cold (despite the "weather proof" jacket I got), and my face was completely red...COMPLETELY! I swear they need a sauna on campus where you can thaw out. With the wind chill it was -5 the middle of the day...NEGATIVE FIVE! WHY ON EARTH WAS SCHOOL CANCELLED IN COLORADO AND NOT IN UTAH?! Al Gore, I'd like to hear about your theories on global warming again. You walk up to campus and tell me that the world is getting too hot--LIAR! Winter and I used to be lovers...but I've moved on. Give me my sunshine back. My skin is pale, my face is cold, my toes are going to fall off, and I'm about to get grumpy very quickly. Good thing this dumb groundhog didn't see his shadow or I might have to go poke out his lil' eyeballs. Early spring better get

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life as we know it

Well, life here in the Vanderhorst family is pretty normal--although we did have a pretty spectacular weekend. I was able to get 2 math tests and a quiz out of the way, just in time for Grant's parents to stop by for a quick visit on their way down to St. George, and for my mom to come into town last Friday night! It was so great to see her! She really is the best mom in the world, and even though it was a short visit, it was still fun to see her.

School is going alright. I'm finding that I'm getting a bad case of senioritis...I think I'm just getting worn out. I need to get remotivated in school, but now that I'm a wife I feel like all I want to do is cook, clean, and take care of my husband :) School's still important though, so I'm getting back into the groove of things, but a little slowly. Grant, on the other hand, is doing awesome in school and is really staying on top of things--he really is such a hard worker.
Speaking of which, Feb 6th is coming up, which means Grant and I will celebrate our one year anniversary from our first date! Look how far we've come :)
Ok, so maybe not THAT far :) Not yet at least :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was so awesome! At first my Friday was kind of terrible because in my geometry class everything I've been taught in the past is a LIE! Apparently, triangles on the surface of a sphere can reach up to 900 degrees, but can never be 180 degrees or less...what?! Ya, I wanted to freaking hurl--what kind of math is that?!
Anyways, that kind of put me in a bad mood the whole day, but then Grant surprised me with Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband tickets to the concert that night--boo ya! We were sitting in the 3rd row in the center of the ballroom...great seats! I wish we would've brought the camera...we'll be better about that :) The concert was so great though. Ryan brought out his little 2 year old boy who had his little toy violin (it didn't make noise), but whenever Ryan fiddled, he would fiddle along, and whenever Ryan sang in the mic his little boy would sing in the mic (they had a mini one for him). Ya, way cute kid! Overall it was an awesome concert. After that we went out to icecream at the creamery on 9th. Grant is really wonderful about keeping the dating scene alive after marriage--it's been great!
Saturday I dyed my hair from brown to blonde and I love it! Pictures will come soon! I did some laundry, then we played games with Stephen and Emily and watched the BYU vs. CSU basketball game. Go Cougs!
Sunday I accompanied Stephen and one of his friends in a special musical number, and Grant and I went to a ward ice cream social and had our first couple date! We had a couple from our ward over for games, along with Stephen and Emily. I'm glad that we're starting to make new friends in the ward. Between visiting teaching and home teaching, I hope we'll get to know more people soon.
Needless to say, it was a much needed weekend because this week I have two tests and a quiz...yikes! Wish me luck :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Yes, it's true, I'm becoming domestic! April (my wonderful sister in law) wanted to know what kind of things I've been doing to be domestic, so here ya go!
1) I actually took the time to look through the cook books we got for the wedding and tagged the ones that sounded good (and cheap)!
2) I wear an apron when I cook and I feel makes me get in the mood of cooking :)
3) I actually use the recipes I'm looking at...example?

Lemon Chicken Thing (That's my title)
Ok, so for this one I actually combined a couple of recipes because we didn't have everything for just one of the recipes. I felt like freakin ratatouille in the kitchen--I was just throwing in things like crazy and it was great!
Melt some butter in a pan and drop in a bit of lemon juice (maybe 1 teaspoon to tablespoon)
Put uncooked chicken in the pan and put a tid-bit of lemon juice on top
Sprinkle minced garlic or garlic salt on top
Season with anything else you want to
After chicken is cooked, reduce heat to low and pour 1 can of cream of chicken soup
Stir around and season some more (ya, I'm totally sophisticated and exact here hahaha)
Serve over rice with some salad and other veggies

So, voula! New recipe that Grant has not eaten before--success! Tonight I'm going to try a modified version of Mom's chicken enchiladas...wish me luck!

2 Months!

I can't believe it's only been 2 months of marriage! Grant and I were talking about this last night and we both agreed that the wedding day seems like a long time ago, but the last 2 months have been a blast! I guess it's just because so much has happened since we've been married.
Right when we got back from our honeymoon we moved into our apartment and arranged everything. Then, we had Thanksgiving dinner, we were back in the midst of school, and our apartment was a little cluttered for a couple weeks while we figured out what gifts to keep and what gifts to return (which was all made possible by mom, dad, and Reed driving the gifts over--thank you thank you!) We then had our Eagle open house which was beautiful and wonderful. Then, we had finals week. Then, we went to Colorado for a week to spend time with my family, which was so much fun! (Grant and I still talk about it--what a great memory!) We then went up to Idaho for a few days to spend time with Grant's family, which was also a blast! Then, it was back to reality as the new year rolled around (which we were sick for...lame...) and a new semester started.
It's been so great though :) I really do have the best husband in the world. He is always doing little things for me (such as cooking, cleaning, running errands for me, bringing me frozen yogurt as a surprise) while he's so busy with school and work! He really is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met and he works harder than anyone I know. I'm very lucky to have him in my life.
So far, marriage has been a blast! It's a lot of fun being able to be around someone all the time who makes you laugh, and who you love so much.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Math Majors...

I can't stand math majors. Now, you might be thinking "What's the difference between math and mathed majors?" The classes we have to take aren't that different...we take pretty much the same classes but they take about 3 or 4 more ridiculous math classes than us. OK, so actually most math majors are pretty nice, there are just the select few who are WAY too cocky and stuck up for their own good. Example? Math 450. I already don't want to be in this class anyways, I just need it to graduate. It's called combinitorics (aka permutations, probability, blah blah blah). I love my teacher, a lot of my good friends are in that class, and then there are the cocky jerks who think they're better than you because you're a "mathed major." Here are some examples.

Me: "Hey, is this a way to think about this problem?"
Boy: "Wow, I'm impressed you figured that out."
Me: "Oh, was it hard for other people?"
Boy: "No..."

Another example.
Me: "Hey, I think this is how to do this problem, but can you help me on this part?"
Boy: "He actually did one like this in class..."
Me: **Looking through my notes** Ummm...he did?
Boy: "Ya, look back to last weeks. This corresponds with blah blah blah...hopefully you can make that connection before the test..."

Moral of the story: Mathed is better than Math. We're smart AND we have people skills!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We made it :)

Hey everyone!
Well, Grant and I have been married for almost 2 months (we're coming up on our anniversary on Thursday!) It seems like it's gone so fast but so slow at the same time. We both had a good ending to our Fall semesters, and this semester seems to be going well. I'm working as a TA again, except this time for a big whig in the Math Ed Department. I'm learning a lot from him and he has really given me a lot of confidence. I'm also taking 12 credits (I know, I'm taking it easy). Grant on the other hand is taking 17 credits (I know, genius boy!) and is also working for the accountant at Zoobies. WHAT A STUD! Can I just brag about my husband for a minute? He helps with the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning the apartment, and makes sure that we still do fun things together. He really is the greatest husband in the world :)
Let me tell you about our Christmas break!
We finished our finals and watched a lot of movies before we left for Colorado for a week! We went up to the cabin with our family, and then we went back to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :) I got a couple puzzles, some cards, the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Grant put together this homemade calendar for our apartment--he was quite thoughtful! I got him a watch and the soundtrack to Newsies (who knew this manly man loved Newsies? hahaha).
Next, we went up to Idaho for a few days to spend some time with his family! That was so much fun to hang out with his family more and get to know them more. We had a girls day which consisted of shopping, seeing the movie Tangled (which I highly recommend!) and lunch at PF Changs. Grant and I also went into mom and dad mode as we took his neices and nephews to go see the movie MegaMind (also highly recommended!)
Needless to say, spending time with both families was what the doctor ordered. It was great to be around everyone, and guess what?! Pictures are coming soon! Until then, here are a few from the wedding to wet your appetite (That's right April and Meg, guess who's learning the ropes of blogging?!)