The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Summer!

So, this Summer has been good and gone by way too fast! Grant went to school during Spring term and did beautifully! He's currently in the business school right now, and he'll be taking the core classes this Fall. He's also doing a double major in economics and has been reading a lot of economics books this summer...for fun :) He has quite the passion for supply and demand! Spring term ended near the end of June, so both him and I have just been working since then. I'm still working at my customer support job, and he's washing windows with a friend and working at the Richards Building on campus, so we're keeping ourselves pretty busy.
As far as vacations go we've been able to travel quite a bit! Over 4th of July weekend we went down to LA to see my best friend get married--Julie Bell. She married Jared Tate in the LA Temple and it was a beautiful wedding. I didn't know how big the LA temple is! The grounds are huge, and the temple itself is enormous. It was great to see Jared and Julie finally together and experience married life.
After that, we went down to Lake Powell for a week with Grant's side of the family and it was a blast! We went wakeboarding, tubing, rode on the wave-runners, played games and ate food, and spent time with family that we don't get to see very often (we're the only ones in Grant's side of the family not living in St. George), so it was great to catch up with everyone. And, don't ask for pictures because we forgot our camera--the one thing we forgot! Oh well.
The next trip we're going on is to Colorado to see my family! Mom and I are going to the Josh Groban concert, and our family is also going to do the temple work for my Grandma Gay who passed away last summer.
As far as newest news goes: I am working in the temple :) I wanted to start working there because I feel like I have so much to learn about the temple, so I decided the best way to do that is the work there. I'm able to be there one day out of the week and feel the peace and comfort that can come from being in the temple.
Well, I think that's it for now!

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