The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Story of Bamboo

This might seem like a weird title, but mine and Grant's life recently has been like bamboo that grows. This is something that Grant's mission president used to tell him all the time. Grant was in an area name Horizon (right outside El Paso) for about 9 months of his mission. For 7.5 of those 9 months, there was not a single baptism. Grant and all of his companions would work so hard, but feel like their work was to no avail. When he would talk to his mission president for guidance and counsel, his president would always say "Have I ever told you about how bamboo is grown?" Bamboo takes a few years to grow, and you can't see anything growing for a long time. During those first few years, the bamboo roots grow deep and strong underground. It is building a strong foundation, but to the human eye you can't see it. Then, literally within a couple of days, it grows into an enormous plant. Grant's mission president always told him that that's how it would be. During the last month and a half of Grant's mission, the area took off. Grant saw many successes and miracles in Horizon, and it became his favorite area on his mission.
With all that background, these past few months have been like bamboo for Grant and I. We've been a little lost about the future and where we should live, if Grant would find an internship, what I would do for a job, what post graduation plans are, etc. These past few days have been incredible. Grant found a wonderful internship up in Salt Lake City that starts this semester and goes through the summer. He's also figured out the rest of his schooling and will graduate next April. I'm graduating this April and have a few prospects for teaching positions next school year. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much--more than we expected or deserve. I am so grateful for the simpleness of the gospel and for the blessings Heavenly Father has given us. As Nephi explained "I have trusted in Thee and I will trust in Thee forever." 
Sometimes we feel like we're growing bamboo--we can't always see the pathway before us and we have to really exercise our faith in the Lord. But he will never lead us astray and I know he is always guiding our lives. I'm so grateful for the peace and serenity that following the gospel brings into my life.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Day!

TODAY WAS WONDERFUL AT SCHOOL! We made new seating charts for the kids, and enforced them, and today the students were so on task! Probably also due to the fact that parent/teacher conferences were last night, but I don't care. My classes did beautifully today! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Successful Valentine's Day!

Hello Hello!

Happy Valentines day to all of you! I've been thinking a lot about mine and Grant's Valentine's history together if you will and it's been different every year.
This was about 2 weeks after we went on our first date so we were just barely dating, but I was also going on dates with a few different people. The weekend of Valentine's Day I was actually on a date with another person. Good guy, but I couldn't help but think of Grant the whole time. When I came home from my date (with a different guy, mind you--and Grant knew I was on a date) I walked into my bedroom to find a vase of red roses from Grant with a very sweet note. Grant was very patient with me and let me date around, but was never hesitant to let me know he was thinking of me :) I knew at that time that I met a very special person and would be lucky to have the chance to date him.
This was about 3 months after we were married. I remember Grant and I had both had a long day of classes and were pretty worn out (or at least I was). He was home before me, and I came home to find the apartment all cleaned, dinner in the oven, and a vase of red roses for me on the kitchen table. The thing about Grant is that it's not just on Valentine's Day that he does romantic things for me. He'll randomly bring me flowers and is always willing to help around the apartment and especially help cook dinner.
This Year
This year was yet again another successful Valentine's Day! Grant and I are coming up on our 15 month anniversary next week (it sounds better saying 15 months than a little over a year haha) and I can't believe how much has changed. I thought I loved Grant when we were dating, then when we were engaged, then when we got married. I thought I loved him last year. We've been through so much and even though we're still very young and new at being married, our love has grown deeper each day and we're so grateful for each other! Enough about the romance though--Grant got me a rose-gold watch and the beautifully restored edition of Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth)! I just about flipped when I opened the movie--I've been wanting that for a while. I got Grant a few gifts that went along with 10 reasons why I loved him (some of those include bacon, snickers, Rich Dad Poor Dad (the boy's a nerd), and some other pretty funny gifts). As wonderful as all of these gifts are, the greatest gift of my life has been having a wonderful husband by my side. I'm excited to spend the rest of forever with my best friend.