The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Saturday, May 21, 2011

6 Month Anniversary!

OK, so you only get one 6 month anniversary. How many people celebrate their 2.5 years of marriage? So, Grant and I decided to make the most out of it :) First of all, I have a story to tell of when I was getting Grant's present (which was inception).
So on Thursday night I go to Target to buy the movie and I was on my way back from dropping something off from Brent and Carlissa's. It was about 9:30 at night (Grant was working), so I park the car, go in, get my movie with a card and some gum, check out, and head back out to my car. So, as I'm walking out of the store I see this little Asain guy and he's holding a box (it looks like a present or something) and this lady had her car pulled up along the curb right by the entrance. It was kind of raining, and he's trying to get her to roll down her window. I look at what's going on and automatically think of all those creepers that you hear about in email stories that are passed along, and I start booking it for my car (kind of out of superstition, fear, and instinct). HE STARTS RUNNING AFTER ME! I have a little Asain man with a "present" running after me! I get to my car door, open it, lock it, shut the door, and start to back out as soon as he gets there and is trying to talk to me and get me to roll down my window. Needless to say, I peeled out of the parking lot (literally) and got outta there! What on earth? I had no idea what he was doing but it seemed to be really CREEPY! Next time I go to a store alone at night I am DEFINITELY getting an escort to walk me out! So watch out--there are freaks even in Provo/Orem. The funny part of this story is when I told Grant about it he obviously made sure I was ok and held me and comforted me. As we were going to bed, he started laughing and said "I wonder how many people I chased down and scared on my mission." I looked at him and said "ya, but in a Target parking lot at 9:30 at night?" He replies "Ummm...maybe not at 9:30, but my companion and I would see someone and say 'HEY! We need to go teach them the gospel!'" haha this Asain did not look like a missionary, but it was a pretty funny comparison.
Anywho, our actual anniversary :) Grant got me a beautiful watch that I love and I got him the movie Inception. Can I say my husband is a little weasel? hahaha in a good way--I asked him earlier in the day what he wanted to do, and he just said "oh, I don't care, we'll just figure it out when you get home from work." I thought ok easy enough. He's a weasel. I get home and he asks how 5:30 sounds for Macaroni Grill and then we went to go see The King's Speech (PG-13 edition just came out!), and then we went and got frozen yogurt. He had it planned the whole time :) He really is such a thoughtful husband and it's been so fun being married to him.
I've just been called to be the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency in our married student ward. I must say, I'm a little nervous because I don't know very many girls and there are a lot more types of women in a married student ward than there is in a singles ward (meaning you have newly weds, mothers, graduates, undergraduates, etc.) I'm also very excited and it will be a great growing opportunity :) As long as I'm always trying to do what the Lord needs me to do, it will all be good.
Well folks, that's it for now!
P.S. Supposedly today is the end of the world. least Grant and I went to the temple :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Zero Excuses

That's right, I no longer have excuses about why I haven't been blogging very much. School+work was excuse enough for me, but with a crazy semester behind me and my afternoons to do pretty much whatever I want, I promise this summer I'll be better about keeping everyone updated on a day in the life of being a Vanderhorst :) So, because I'm an organizer and have much to catch up on, please refer to the subcategories below.
So, what to say about my husband--he's a hard working man! We both had a really hard semester, and neither of us thought we would end up getting very good grades at the end. Well, Grant (and me I guess hahaha) can attest that HARD WORK PAYS OFF! We both worked so hard this semester and it didn't seem to be showing in our grades, but Grant ended up dominating his classes, and I did better than I thought I would. Let me just say, prayers are answered. The Lord will help those who do their part and will put in the work. Also, Grant and I really worked on having a positive attitude in the midst of everything, and that really did make a difference. We tried being grateful for small things, and remembering the blessings that we've received. I can't say we were perfect at it (I mean, who really is positive and grateful during the whole time period of a trial) but we definitely tried to be aware of it and it made a difference. It was a very uplifting experience to work through that trial together.
Anyways, Grant got accepted into the business school at BYU and is currently taking classes for Spring term--he's enjoying his classes (but I know he'll be happy for a break during Summer term) and he is also working at the RB (gym/workout building) which he said is pretty laid back, so he has a lot of free time to work on homework. Grant is also working with one of his friends doing a window washing business, so he's keeping himself busy, but is enjoying it.
Yes, it's true, I found a job after sending my resume to 87 different postings on Craigslist/KSL! I did get a few job offers, but none of them seemed like the right job. It was either starting during the last couple weeks of the semester (and I would have died) or the hours were ridiculous, or for one reason or another it just didn't feel right. Well, again, ask for and live worthy of Heavenly Father's help, and He will help us! My job at ENR has been such a wonderful blessing, and it's not a dream job, but a job none-the-less. I work as a customer service representative and ENR is the provider for dietary and nutritional supplements as well as cosmo products. I answer phones, do live chat, and answer emails. Most of the time it's pretty good, but it's definitely a test of my patience when you have a customer yelling/cussing at you over the phone. Nevertheless, it is a good exercise for patience, sympathy, and empathy. I do love the people I'm working with. They are all very patient and understanding with me, and all are very willing to help. We have a lot of fun, and I'm glad that the work environment is so positive and encouraging.
Right now I'm serving as a Visiting Teacher and Relief Society pianist. However, I just asked my Bishop if I could start working at the temple, and he said that would be great! I guess the temple is always asking Bishops for new workers, so that would be an amazing experience.
What do I do for fun? Well! Grant and I got some year long passes to Trafalgas and to Seven Peaks, and so did our friends the Christoffersons, so we are going to be going to Trafalgas and Seven Peaks a lot this summer. Also, Marnae (Sister Christofferson) and I got all summer passes to do fitness classes at BYU (yoga, water body blast, RIPPED, Zumba, etc.). So, this is going to be a great summer!

Well folks, sorry for the long update, but I had a lot to say. This life probably won't change very much over the next 4 months, so my next goal is to be better about taking pictures :)