The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We made it :)

Hey everyone!
Well, Grant and I have been married for almost 2 months (we're coming up on our anniversary on Thursday!) It seems like it's gone so fast but so slow at the same time. We both had a good ending to our Fall semesters, and this semester seems to be going well. I'm working as a TA again, except this time for a big whig in the Math Ed Department. I'm learning a lot from him and he has really given me a lot of confidence. I'm also taking 12 credits (I know, I'm taking it easy). Grant on the other hand is taking 17 credits (I know, genius boy!) and is also working for the accountant at Zoobies. WHAT A STUD! Can I just brag about my husband for a minute? He helps with the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning the apartment, and makes sure that we still do fun things together. He really is the greatest husband in the world :)
Let me tell you about our Christmas break!
We finished our finals and watched a lot of movies before we left for Colorado for a week! We went up to the cabin with our family, and then we went back to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :) I got a couple puzzles, some cards, the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Grant put together this homemade calendar for our apartment--he was quite thoughtful! I got him a watch and the soundtrack to Newsies (who knew this manly man loved Newsies? hahaha).
Next, we went up to Idaho for a few days to spend some time with his family! That was so much fun to hang out with his family more and get to know them more. We had a girls day which consisted of shopping, seeing the movie Tangled (which I highly recommend!) and lunch at PF Changs. Grant and I also went into mom and dad mode as we took his neices and nephews to go see the movie MegaMind (also highly recommended!)
Needless to say, spending time with both families was what the doctor ordered. It was great to be around everyone, and guess what?! Pictures are coming soon! Until then, here are a few from the wedding to wet your appetite (That's right April and Meg, guess who's learning the ropes of blogging?!)


  1. Ok, so I totally read your old blog all the time, and I'm super excited you know have one about you and Grant! So fun! And I have to say, Forrest LOVES the Newsies as well. It must be all the manly singing...haha

  2. My boyfriend is better :) Totally kidding....but only kind of :) So happy that you're loving married life! We need to catch up pronto!