The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sabbath Day Thoughts

Today I had a ton of thoughts running through my mind during church, so I thought I'd share them with you all. I would like to be better about sharing my testimony more frequently, so I figure a good way to do that is through my blog. I've had the chance to work in Young Women's for the past few months and with the new curriculum for the youth they are completely changing the way they teach both Sunday School and Young Women's. The Bishop in our ward has asked us (the YW leaders) to sit in on the Sunday School lessons and  add any thoughts or insights we might have. Today, the lesson (for both Sunday School and Young Women's) focused on the Godhead, and the role of the Holy Ghost. 

During Sunday School we went around and shared experiences of when the Holy Ghost influenced my life. As I had a chance to reflect on this, I realized that the Holy Ghost can bring anything to our remembrance, and many times in my life those things that he has brought to my remembrance are things I learned as a youth--mainly in seminary. I memorized the scripture mastery selections, and tried to take good notes in the margins of my scriptures. As I grew older and had to make those important decisions of where to attend college, what to major in, who to date, who to marry, etc. I realized that at each of those pivotal moments in my life, the Holy Ghost brought back scriptures that I had memorized or told me what chapters to read in the scriptures, where I then found notes I took as a teenager. Those scriptures were then able to guide me in making those major life-changing decisions. It really strengthened my testimony that as we try to put another drop of oil in our lamps each day, that it pays off. The Holy Ghost can't help us remember something unless we first work to commit it to memory. I'm so grateful for my parents, seminary teachers, and young women leaders who took the time to help me put drops of oil in my lamp, because that lamp has been able to burn for me as I've gone on in my life.

Another thing I wanted to share was about Individual Worth. My mom asked me this morning when it was that I gained a testimony or knowledge of my individual worth. I had to think about it for a moment, but then I said that it came as I came to realize 3 very important relationships.

1) My relationship with my Heavenly Father
2) My relationship with the Savior
3) The Savior's relationship with Heavenly Father.

As I realize how much God and the Savior love me, and how the Savior has performed the atonement so that if I repent, I can live with God again, and how the Savior and the Father work in unison to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, I come to realize my own individual worth (or divine potential). Individual worth and divine potential are very much intertwined, and I think once a person understands these 3 relationships, they understand who they really are. You cannot gain your individual worth from what others think of you (even if they are good things!) Do not look to other people to fill a gap that only the Savior and Heavenly Father can fill. 

I know that God loves me, the Savior loves me, and that as I work each day to draw closer to them, that the Holy Ghost will also be close to me to lead and guide me, and one day I can return to live with them. 

I love this gospel and I'm grateful for the peace and joy that it brings into my life.

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