The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Monday, October 7, 2013

Heavenly Father Answers Prayers

I couldn't go to sleep until I documented what happened today. These past few days I have been keenly aware of Heavenly Father's love for me. Very specific questions and concerns that I've had the past couple weeks were all covered in detail this past weekend during General Conference. Just another manifestation to me that God answers prayers. Well, today I had another manifestation happen.

I went to the grocery store at about 10:30 am. It wasn't sunny, but it didn't look like it would rain at all. When I was checking out at 11:15 am, I look outside to see sheets and sheets of rain coming down. I wait it out for about 15 minutes hoping the rain would let up a little bit, but I'm pretty sure it actually got worse. I couldn't wait any longer--I had to get Andrew home to feed him and put him down for a nap. But I didn't want to trek out to the car with Andrew. While I contemplated for a couple minutes what to do, I finally saw a woman walking into the store that I recognized from my ward. I stopped her, told her who I was, and asked her if she would watch Andrew while I pull the car up to the curb. That was the first small answer to a prayer.

When we got home, I tried waiting in the car for a few more minutes to see if the rain would let up, but again, it was no use. I finally decided that I had to make the somewhat long trek from our car to the apartment with all of my groceries, and Andrew in his carseat--no way was I about to make 2 trips. Our building is the only one in the complex that doesn't have a parking lot right next to it, so we definitely get our exercise in whenever we go anywhere. As I gathered up all the groceries on one arm, and Andrew in the other arm, I took about 10 steps and realized that there was no way I could make it on my own. I said a little prayer, just asking Heavenly Father to send someone to just help me get to my apartment. I didn't need the rain to stop, but I needed an extra pair of hands. Right as I finished saying the prayer, I saw a woman walking up to me, completely drenched, and asked if she could help. She took the groceries from me and helped me up to the third floor. Me, her, and Andrew were all drenched, but at least we made it to the apartment safely and in one trip.

It might seem like a small thing, but it was just another manifestation to me that God is aware of me. He didn't have to stop the ridiculous down-pour of water to show me He loved me. Instead, He sent an extra pair of hands to help. I've never had an answer to prayer come so immediately, but I know that Heavenly Father is aware of all of us.


  1. The most beautiful thing about this story, aside from Heavenly Father's tremendous amount of Love for you and each of us, is that you took ten steps forward before you asked for additional help. You put in the effort to carry your young son and ALL the groceries into your home until you couldn't go any more. Only after your effort, and a prayer to your Father, did he send an angel to your aid.

    Sometimes the angels come before we make our effort, but most often they only come after we have taken a step into the darkness. Your experience reminded me of this talk by President Packer:

    One last thought. You saw the hand of God in the simple things that took place today. This is a sign of a spiritually sensitive Daughter of God who knows in whom she trusts. "And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments." D&C 59:21.

    Thanks for the wonderful lesson.

    1. I love your story, Bekah, and I love Tyler's comment too. I feel like having a baby puts things in a new perspective because the smallest things become nearly impossible at times, particularly if it's pouring rain. :) It is wonderful to see how Heavenly Father loves us and supports us in doing the things that He needs us to do.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Bekah! It's a good reminder that it's okay to say quick prayers about small things that may be big things for us personally :) You're amazing.

  3. It's amazing how doing difficult things can immediately feel fine because we know Heavenly Father is aware of us & helping us succeed. Thank you for sharing your experience & faith. Love you!