The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Apartment in DC

I've had a few request for pictures of our apartment in DC. Now that we finally have everything put away and pictures up I felt ready to post pictures. Enjoy the tour!

Here is the entry way. 
Once you walk in there is the living room and then on the left you can see into our kitchen.
Here's another shot of the front room.
Dining Area
Desk and Piano right behind the family room


We had to get a couple storage racks because there isn't a lot of cabinet space

Down the hall and to the left is the bathroom

Across the bathroom is Andrew's room. Crib courtesy of Mom and Dad Vanderhorst--thank you both so much!
At the end of the hall is our master bedroom.
A huge thanks goes to those who helped us move in (lookin at you Rick and Marnae, as well as Steve and Janae), and a HUGE thank you to my wonderful mom who helped us get settled the first couple of days. It would have taken forever to get unpacked with you!

More posts of our adventures in DC will come soon :)


  1. It's nice! It looks like the bedrooms are pretty big, which I always love because it makes things feel more open. I never knew you guys owned a treadmill! That's awesome