The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Sunday, May 4, 2014

29 Weeks

I told Grant the other day that instead of having pregnancy be in trimesters, it should be in quarters. I don't know if this is because I grew up in a family of boys who liked watching sports, and most sports have quarters, so that's what makes sense to me, or if it's because I'm a math person and 40 is not divisible by 3, which kind of bothers me. Maybe it's just the fact that each trimester seems to last FOREVER, so saying that you're in your 3rd quarter or 4th quarter of pregnancy makes it seem to go by faster. Who knows!  I'm going to try to start a revolution though. So, technically, I am at the beginning of my third trimester, but I'm really just one week away from my 4th quarter. See? Sounds much better for some reason :)
How Far Along: 29 weeks.
Size of Baby: According to, Hailey is 15 inches and about 2.5 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: Yep! Wearing looser shirts, leggings, I wear a lot of maxi skirts/dresses, and if I'm feeling particularly brave, then I'll wear jeans with my belly band.
Movement: Hailey is popping all over the place. Her head is also down pretty low (just like her brother), so whenever she gets the hiccups (which happens pretty often), my lower abdomen has a mini-earthquake. The other night when I was laying down to bed, I asked Grant if he thought I drank some gripe water that it would help Hailey's hiccups go away so I could get some sleep. I didn't try it, but I'd be very curious ;)
Sleep: Has been good! My tutoring schedule has slowed down a little bit which allows me to take more naps during the day instead of tutoring during those times, and I am still able to sleep through the night without having to use the restroom. I'm sure that will change soon though.
What I miss:With it being the beginning of Summertime, I really miss being able to wear my normal clothes, and not having to layer so much. Virginia summers are pretty humid and hot, so any extra layer is not a lot of fun. Remind me next time we have a kid to not plan it so I'll be 9 months pregnant in the middle of July--I am NOT looking forward to that!
Cravings: Nothing really, and I'm not as hungry as I used to be. As Hailey grows, there isn't a whole lot of room for anything else, so my appetite has decreased a lot actually.
Aversions: Nothing really--I'm pretty much back to normal!
Symptoms:  Hmmmm, nothing that I can really think of. I mean, you have the typical symptoms of your lower back hurting every once in a while, or your feet being achy, but nothing horrible or out of the ordinary. 
Best Moment: I had a couple best moments. The first one was switching OBGYN providers. I know, it's a pretty bold move to switch so late in my pregnancy, but the old practice I went to was just too big and I didn't really like the doctors there, or the hospital that they delivered at. I switched to a much smaller practice, and I love the hospital that they deliver at. So that was best moment #1! The second best moment is when Grant and I had a chance to go do sealings at the DC temple. Just being in the temple was wonderful, but listening to the words of the sealings (especially of children to their parents) made me so grateful to have Hailey and Andrew in my life, and remembering that I can be with them forever. It was really sweet to be able to sit in the Celestial Room and have Hailey kicking up a storm while we were in there. I only wish Andrew could've been there with us too. The older I get, the more grateful I am that families can be together forever, and the more significant that is to me. Just a cute story about the girl who watched Andrew while we went tot he temple: So we were gone for about 3 hours, and he was asleep for 2 of those hours, so he really only spent 1 hour with this girl while we were gone. When we came home he was happy to see us, and as the babysitter was leaving, he looked at her walking out of the door and started crying! Talk about social butterfly! This kid gets pretty attached to other people--it's really cute!
 Here's the current 29 week belly-shot!

Grant takes the meaning of "belly-shot" to a whole new level :)

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