The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Friday, February 7, 2014

17 Weeks!

Wow! This pregnancy is flying by! I cannot believe that we are almost half way done with this one!

Here's the update so far:

How Far Along: About 17 weeks.  Who's counting? haha
Size of Baby: According to my baby is 5 inches and 5 ounces (the size of a turnip--how cute!)
Maternity Clothes: What's considered maternity clothes? I'm in that awkward stage of pregnancy where you don't have a cute round bump, but you don't have a flat stomach either. You just look like you've kind of let yourself go a little bit. Anywho, so I'm not in maternity clothes, but there are some of my tops that I don't wear anymore. I can still wear all my jeans and skirts, but I had to go get some tops that were a little looser around the stomach area for this awkward stage.
Gender: I'm sticking to my original guess of it being a boy, and Grant thinks it's a girl. Just a funny story about this: The OBGYN office that I go to has 3 locations. The one I normally go to is in Northern VA, but they also have one in DC that's about 5 minutes from Grant's work. So I already set up the 20 week ultrasound at that office so Grant could be there during his lunch hour to find out the gender with me. Well, last week I went in and they did an ultrasound, and the tech offered to tell me the gender of the baby! I just about died! I was SO TEMPTED to find out the gender and just act surprised when I went in with Grant, but I know I couldn't have kept it a secret for a whole month from him. So, alas, I had to pass on finding out since Grant couldn't be there with me, but it's been killing me! I cannot wait till March 3rd!
Movement: So with Andrew, this is when I started to feel some flutters, but with this baby I started feeling flutters about a week and a half ago, and just recently have felt more direct movement. I've been lucky that with both pregnancies the placenta has been behind the baby, so I have been able to feel both Andrew and this baby pretty early.
Sleep: Lots and lots of sleep. Thank goodness Andrew sleeps well at night, and he takes wonderful naps during the day. I do think I'm going to get some vitamin B though--I really shouldn't be this tired during the second trimester. I took some vitamin B with Andrew and it really helped with my energy level.
What I miss: Being able to exercise. I didn't miss it so much the first couple months (because really, who wants to exercise while they feel nauseous?) but exercise has always been a great release for me and way to clear my head. So, I do miss that outlet, but Grant is always good to give me a break and let me get out of the house while he watches Andrew.
Cravings: Hmm, the cravings have slowed down quite a bit. Once in a while I'll crave something really random, but I feel like my eating habits are basically back to normal.
Aversions: OK, so they're back to normal except for the aversions. I still can't eat anything super saucy. This probably won't change until baby #2 is a couple months old (same thing happened with Andrew).
Symptoms:  Hmmmm, except for me getting a little more fat and being tired, nothing too bad :)
Best Moment: So, a couple weeks ago we had a bit of a scare. I went into preterm labor with Andrew, so this pregnancy I have to get progesterone shots. Long story short, I was having contractions a couple weeks ago (yes, at 15 weeks--you read that right), so I went in and they gave me a shot, but originally my body wasn't responding. The doctors were concerned that I wouldn't make it to 26 weeks if my body wasn't responding to the progesterone shots, but after a couple days and one more shot the contractions started to calm down. That was the best moment! I may have to get shots more often or take supplements, but I don't care. I've put myself on an unofficial bed rest. I still move around the house and do light housework, but I also lay down as much as I can. I just want my body to carry this healthy baby as long as it can, and I cried out of happiness when the shots started working. Scariest 2 days of my life, but Heavenly Father answers prayers.

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  1. YAY! Baby!!! SO excited to hear if it's a boy or girl!