The Vanderhorst Family

The Vanderhorst Family

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Every Kiss Begins With Kay"...FALSE! Every nightmare begins with Kay!

DISCLAIMER: I love the ring Grant got for me and I fully intend on keeping it--even though the company it comes from is a bunch of scums!

When Grant first purchased my ring from Kay Jewelers in 2010 I had to get it re-sized. When I got it back, one of the side-diamonds had fallen out, so they had to send it out AGAIN. They should have caught that the first time when they were re-sizing it. I have the life-time guarantee warranty as long as I get the ring looked at every 6 months. When I had it looked at in December 2011, one of the main diamonds had a slight crack in it, so they had to ship it out to home office to get it repaired (which unbeknownst to me is located over-seas). They then told me that the estimated time to get the ring back would be Feb 21, 2012. I called on that day, and the very nice saleswoman at Kay told me that she called and emailed the home office, but that the estimated date was now the week of March 10th. I called again today, and the ring STILL isn't done, so now they're telling me March 25th. IT'S BEEN 3 MONTHS! The woman at Kay said that they had to ship my ring over-seas to get it reparied, so that's why it is taking so long. I don't care about the estimated date, I just want my ring back when they say it will be back. I asked the woman if they do any sort of a mail in re-bate as compensation, and she said they never do anything like that. It's not like they can give me a discount on my next purchase since Grant and I already have our rings. I'm starting to think that they have probably lost it, and just won't admit it. I looked on their website to see if they still sell this ring and they don't have it on their website, so that makes me nervous if they did lose it that I wouldn't be able to get it replaced.

The lady told me today "Well, they're telling me March 25th, so at least we have an estimated date..." I'VE HAD 3 OF THOSE AND IT'S BEEN GETTING PUSHED BACK! I actually kept my cool. I worked at customer support for about 8 months last year and I know how it feels to get yelled at, so I did not yell at the woman, but let her know I was very frustrated. 

Needless to say, if you're engaged or planning on proposing to someone, avoid Kay at all costs.

Sorry about the negative post, but I just had to vent. I didn't feel like my complaint was being taken seriously, so I figure the least I could do is not recommend my friends to their business.